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Friday, November 13, 2009

Intentionally Honest- which leaves me feeling raw, open, and vulnerable.

My friend Jasmine tagged me to write ten honest things about me. Since this is the only blog I have, and semi-keep up with, I guess this is where it will be written.
I suppose this is a good thing because really, the people I started this blog for don't ever read it anymore-and if they do, they'll learn some things about me.

1) I struggle daily with a raging temper. I'll scream, yell, and say nasty things. The problem is: I don't know why I'm so angry.

2) Because of number one, I feel like an awful mother a lot of the time. I feel like I'm going to somehow scar Emery for life causing him to be an awful friend, partner, and father when he is older.

3)I love, love, love my job. It actually is inspiring me to do more with alternative medicine/Health/Natural Healing beyond just massage therapy and Midwifery (Maybe possibly a Naturopathic Doctor or a Nutritionist someday?!) However, I hate, hate, hate leaving Emery every day. I want to be the one teaching him things, and watching him grow.

4) Because of number 1, 2, and 3, I am terrified of having another child, but lately it creeps into my every spare moment when I'm allowed to think about future possibilities.

5)I love Owen more and more each day and I am amazed at what a blesing from God he is in my life. I don't show him, or tell him this enough.

6) I don't know how to keep a home neat, clean and tidy. It drives me nuts to be surrounded by clutter, disorder, and chaos, yet I also find it strangely cozy.
I was never taught to 'clean', and I don't have the self-discipline to start a regimen all my own. I secretly hope and wish that I absorb housewifey skills as such from Judy (my mother-in-law ) while we are blessed to be sharing a home with them while Owen is in school.

7) I feel really alone a lot of the time. I really miss my family and my friends in Arkansas. I get sad when I think about them and I wish I could go see them right now.

8) As much as I complained about Oregon ("it rains, and rains, and it was too cool, and it rains, a nd we are so far away from everyone") I miss it, and all the friends we made while we were there.

9) I'm trying to wean Emery, for convenience sake, but I don't really want to. I want to let him nurse until he weans himself.

10) I spend far too much time on facebook, Blogger, and I guess that stems from me feeling alone a lot of time. Hi friends!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

The first official haircut

The pictures loaded in backwards order, so the first pictures you see are the "after" shots, and the last are the "before".

I didn't want to do it. I imagined his hair being very rockstar-ish. Somewhat long in the back, and curly. Yet, shorter in the front. NOT a mullet, but surfer-style. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Anyway, it didn't turnout that way. His bangs were getting in his eyes, and he was waking up with matted curls in the back. Owen said he had a mullet. So we went to get it cut. Here are the pictures. He's still adorable. He just looks more grown up.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Am I supposed to be blogging about this stuff?

It seems as if nearly all the mommy bloggers I know post regular updates on their little ones and the different milestones that they reach. I fully inteneded on doing this when I started this blog, but clearly I have failed. So, here's your update.

Just so you know, Emery is an official toddler He's 18 months old. He's so much fun, and truly so much work. But, he's loved, soooo much. By everyone. He's a lucky boy. :)

We got his haircut today. We spent way too much moneyto go to a place that caters to kids. You know, those places that have chairs shaped like firetrucks, and taxis, and airplane. The place that plays loud obnoxious "kid-friendly" videos really close to their face in hopes of distracting them from the stranger holding sharp objects near ther eyes.
It was pointless. He was truly more interested in the stranger weilding a sharp object near his face to pay attention to the video. In fact, I think he enjoyed it. There were no tears, no meltdowns. He took it like a, well, like a little boy. He looks so much older now. I miss his long curly mop, but also love how grown up he looks. ;) (Pictures coming soon!)

I've been working. A lot. In order to give Grandma a break, I'm in the process of finding an affordable Motessori school. In all actuality it isn't really feasible to pay that kind of money, and we could use the government to help pay for daycare. But I feel like he should be well, learning something instead just playing. Am I wrong?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Emery says:

Emery is sitting on my lap, and he wants to type so:

gh n xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxz
kj klkl mll r hglvhjm,ll,,m , .l.gkgjjgjhjjc rf f ,mn mn vvvvvvvvvvvvvv
c v bbbbbbbbbbbbbb ,mmgt
Love, Emery

So, I guess he likes the space bar, and the comma, and he thinks he's management.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My heart has a skinned knee

I got a new job. That will pay me m re and I'll be working the same hours, if not more, and it's a lot closer to the house, like blocks away. It's working in the healthy living department of a grocery store. I'm familiar with this stuff cause I did it for two years at Ozark Natural Foods. I'm excited! Bring on the healthy stuff!

Emery turned 17 months old on the 15th. Technically speaking I don't think he's considered a toddler until he's 18 months old. PSHAW! Have you seen my son? Have you had a conversation with him? He's a genius, and so very advanced for his age. He's been doing very toddler like things.

First, he went to the park today with Grandma. She said he went down the really big tall twisty slide all by himself. He rode on the merry-go-round and climbed the rock wall. She said she was really impressed with all the things he could do. She said it was like he had grown up a bit since last time at the park.

Then, the other day he put a roll-on bottle of pain-relieving capsacin in his mouth.......without the cap. I called poison control and they told me to give him yogurt and milk. His lips and mouth turned bright red and they swelled. He only cried for a few seconds and then he was fine. I felt so awful! I literally had just taken a mascara tube from him (that he had taken the lid off and was trying to put it in his mouth) seconds before.

Finally, he also fell and scraped his knee. It was one of the scrapes that break the skin, but only slightly. Just enough for the blood to peek through but not really go anywhere. It's like the top layer of skin gets removed. It hurts. I remember. It hurts even more when it's your baby, and they've never experienced anything like that before. He didn't cry. He whimpered and whined and grabbed his leg and said "Knee! Knee!" over and over again. I kissed it.
Owen says he's tough. I think so too. I guess I need to get tough too. He truly is "a piece of my heart walking around in the world."

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Still here, somewhere.........

I can't beleive it's been solong since I've updated! We've had some issues here. Great Grandma Gowen ahd to have a toe amputated sue to some Diabetes complications, and Grandma (Judy, Owen's mom) had a stroke. Computer time hasn't been a high priority. All is well, and almost completely back to normal now. :)

In case you haven't noticed, I sort of gave up on my daily/monthly graces. I'm still greatful for each and every day though!

You want an Emery update? Of course you do!
Let's see.......

He runs, he climbs, he jabbers (in both baby, er, toddler gibberish, and sign language). He loves to read books. He'll bring them to you, turn around with his back to you and step backwards until he is either up against your legs, or in your lap. Then he'll turn the pages for you. Any book will do, it seems like the thicker and heavier the better. (I found him sitting in the kitchen this afternoon flipping through an upside down Southern Living cookbook of Grandma's. I guess he's following in Daddy's footsteps already!
He has new obsession with keys. He loves keys (made up his own sign for key as a matter of fact!)and knows that they are used to open doors, and start cars. Speaking of cars.....he knows that cars go vroom, and he'll tell you about it, just ask him what a car says. One of his other favorite things is to go driving. It doesn't matter if he's riding in his car seat while you actually drive somewhere, or if you actually go and physically sit in the parked car, in the driveway and let him twist and turn the steering wheel. It's all the same to him. He'll look at you with those gorgeous baby blues and say, "Drive? Zzzooooom!" while he is signing car (both fists held as if they are on a steering wheel). Love it!

We are considering putting him in a Mother's Day Out program at the church. It's two days a week, and would give him some much needed interaction with other little one's and give me few hours to be "Erin", and not "Mama!" Funding for this idea has yet to surface though. Anyone want to donate?!

Okay, though I have much more to say, I hear a little boy waking , so I gotta go......
More to come, Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 29....I'm a slacker.

I can't seem to find the time to post my 5 daily graces. So I've decided to do weekly of graces starting today, and this will be a lump post to sort of get me back on track.

1) I have a job!
2) I'm managing to avoid the heat by staying inside and entertaining Emery, I'm finding myself to be creative!
3) I went to a LLL meeting!
4) Emery's molars are through!
5) Farmer's Markets!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Two Days of Grace, and an update

Yesterday (Day 16)
1. Making Scrambled eggs, I haven't forgotten how to cook completely
2. Owen coming home early because he finished his mid-terms
3. Going to Splash Town with Owen and Emery
4. I got to take a looooooooooooooong shower!
5. Early bedtime for all

Today (Day 17)
1. Early chillax time with Emery cause he was soooo fussy this morning (the molars are almost through!)
2. Getting prettied up cause today...
3. I had an interview!!!!
4. Mother in-law watched E for me while I went to be questioned.
5. Emery napping with Owen so I can blog.

After typing all this out, I realized that I haven't been updating regularly about Emery and what he's been up to lately.

He's a walking machine! He's practically running, and he can climb like nobody's business.
He signs more, eat, flower, dog and bath. He says: hello, no-no, mama, apo(apple), da(dad), guh(grandma), guh-da(grandad), kee(kitty), bah(ball), dah(dog), wah(water), shoe, go, bee-buh(bellybutton), and up. He also blows kisses and waves to anyone he sees when we leave a place, or a room. Very cute, yet unnerving when he's waving and blowing kisses to strangers. I love every minute of it! Wow. 15 words, that's impressive!
He's also showing interest in potty training. He almost never poops in his diaper, and most of the time we catch him before he pees in his diaper. As far as breastfeedign goes..... he nurses a lot in the morning, and when he falls asleep at night. Sometimes he'll wake up to nurse around 4 in the am. His daytime nursing is down to naps, and ouchies. I think he's well on his way to weaning. :(

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grace Day 15

Sleeping in

Having Emery free time while he was with Grandad

Proofreading Owen's papaer,a nd feelinglike I was actually helping

Snicker's DARK

Emery asleep in his bed...again

Monday, June 1, 2009

Graces 9-14

I've been pretty busy lately. Emery is in the midst of potty-training, cutting molars, learning to sleep in his own bed, and is in the beginnings of night-weaning. I'm not trying to make this lump grace posting a habit, I promise. Bear with me!

Day 9
1. Weeding the garden and noticing that we have carrots coming up
2. Also noticing that we have a ton of basil,
3. and some squash blossoms
4. the splash pool in the front yard with Emery
5. the splash pool with Emery for the second time in one day
Day 10
1. Story time at the library
2. Emery going pee on the potty at story time at the library
3. Finding a book about a nursing toddler named Michelle at the library
4. Knowing that I am instilling a love for reading and books in my son
5. Picking up some books for Owen so he could do a project at school. (he's working so hard and loving every minute of it!)
Day 11
Just one for today, but it's really all five:
1. Being Emery's mommy! He' s so full of life!
Day 12
1. Alone time with Emery, even if it was just to the grocery store
2. Weeding the garden with the hubs, and noticing that we have to different kinds of chard.
3. Splash pool in the front yard, in my non-mom bathing suit with Emery
4. Realizing that I have started a ritual of walking around the block after dinner, with my family
5. Emery falling asleep without nursing, just cuddles and stories.
Day 13
1. A solo trip with Emery to Splashtown
2. Sliding down numerous water slides with my fearless little boy on my lap
3. Taking a bath with Emerya nd hearing him laugh long, loud and hard when the water cup wouldn't stay on my head.
5. Scheduling an interview for employment at at bead shop, a job is a job!
Day 14
1. Mom-in-law's delicious oatmeal for breakfast
2. Moving Emery's co-sleeper upstairs and him actually napping in it
3. Grilled meatloaf for dinner, Yup. Meatloaf, cooked on the grill.
4. Having time to updat e the blog because
5. Emery is asleep in his co-sleeper, upstairs. Alone!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Graces: Days 5-8

I'm cheating here a bit. This was a really busy weekend. So busy in fact that I didn't answer my phone so I have calls to return! So, with that being said I will list some graces (not 20 like I should, but a few)

1) Spending time with the family (this includes the Great Grandma's!)
2) Watching Emery as he figured out how to spin in circles
3)Watching Emery as he figured out how to open the safety gate that keeps him in the kitchen and out of the formal living room. He was so proud of himself! It was hard to be upset with him.
4)Watching Emery as he delighted in running around playing in the fountain with the big kids
5)Having S'mores that were made on the grill
6)Emery touching myhair and saying "pretty"
7)Finding a Doctor that would see Emery even though we don't have insurnce and aren't vaccinating...yet
8)Listening as Emery and Daddy play together...his laughs are heavenly!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Graces Day 4

1) Library Story time with Emery
2) Playing at the Park with Emery
3) Having time to Job hunt while Emery hung out with Grandad
4) Owen coming home early
5) Falling asleep befor 1AM

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Graces Day 3

1) Sleeping in
2) Having time to myself while Emery hung out with Grandma and Grandad
3)Owen coming home Early and taking a nap with Emery and I
4)Laughing at Cowboy who had his hair cut like a lion at the groomer's
5) A nice enjoyable, cool walk around the block with the goofy looking dog and the boy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Graces day 2...the next day

1) I didn't get a chance to post yesterday because I was in Mommy-mode all day with my little toddler.
2) Spending quality time with the mom-in-law
3) Lunch at Chick-Fil-A (healthy food for the boy, and he ate it all!)
4) Naptime with Owen and Emery
5) Working on our marriage with the help of the Penner's book Restoring the Pleasure

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finding My Graces...Day 1

Yeah. So, blogging by phone is a good idea in theory. Unfortunately I'm allowed only 160 characters on my outgoing massages on my phone, so they have to be short posts. This one is going to be a bit longer.

I've decided to try something new.

You see, lately I've been feeling a bit out of sorts. I've been grumpy, and bitter and on occasion just down right mean.

I think I'm gonna try something new to change my outlook on life. On a blog that I read quite frequently(Baby makes Three), Katie Baskins has been taking part in the "Grace in Small Things Movement". The ways in which she finds grace inspire me.
I'm gonna give it a shot people. If your interested in taking part yourself, click on the badge at the top of the page to read all the details.

My 5 graces for today are:

1) Emery waking me up this morning by crawling over on top of me, and grabbing my face with his hands.
2) Having a delicious breakfast made by my amazing, handsome husband
3) Enjoying said breakfast with my amazing, handsome husband
4) Emery going to the potty with Grandma instead of Mommy or Daddy (he's growing up so fast, and becoming so independant!)
5) The cool draft that has hit Spring, TX (it feels like Oregon!)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am so amazed by my beautiful little boy. It seems as if he learns two or three new things every day. He is so vibrant and full of life! I love being his mom!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I never seem to have time to sit down and type out a blog post so..... I set up my phone to blog. This is a test. This is only a test!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Catch up!

I promise I'm trying to be abetter blogger...

To catch you up:
Emery is one now. He walks. He climbs. He dances, He "sings". He signs. He says words. He poops on the potty and most of the time he pees on the potty. He eats solid food like a teenage boy. Owen says he's getting his driver's license next week.

Owen starts school on Monday. He'll be gone from 7am to 5pm every day. He looks retty spiffy in his chef get up:black and white checked pants. Black non-skid shoes. White chef's coat. White chefs hat. Apron, and either a red or yellow neckercheif (they are like belts in karate and he doesn't know which color he's supposed to wear yet).

I mailed off my application to have my Arkansas massage licensed reinstated yesterday. Once that happens, I'll be switching it over to Texas. I also had a job offer for a anny position. The boy is !5months old and they live about 15 minutes from here. Three days a week, six hours a day.
Also a position in a bead store. Nothing fancy, but maybe I could learn how tomake soem sweet jewelery. Between two part time jobs, maybe We could save some cash ans when we move back to Oregon possible have some moolah for a down payment on a casa. Awwwww. BIG DREAMS!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I've been a terrible blogger lately.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me?

Things here in Houston, are well, busy.
I assumed that once we got here life would slow down a bit. You've heard the saying that it takes a village to raise a child? Well, we've got our village, and they are helping raise our child, but things haven't slowed down at all! How does that work?

Since we've been here, we've planted a garden, cleaned out a room, unpacked way to much stuff, been to the zoo, been to the Children's Festival, visited a home that Owen's mom grew up in, and had pictures taken. I have some pictures to post, but our camera cord is MIA.

Emery's birthday is next week, 10 days from now, exactly.
I'm making him a cupcake "cake" and aranging them like an alligator. We're going to go to the park and play. That's all nothing fancy. :)
Signing has exploded for Emery! He's mastered "more", "Mommy", "Daddy", "drink" and "eat", and almost "flower". He can say cat, Kitty, dog, Mama, Daddy, Sweetie, and Hi. He loves to say hi!
He officially became a walker yesterday. He's been sort of 'walking' for a while but for some reason yesterday it just sort of clicked and he toddles around like nobody's business. He's also realized that temper tantrums are way cool. (I don't agree!) I guess they aren't full fledged tantrums, but they may eventually turn into them if we don't figure out how to communicate better with him. Any suggestions? :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Two weeks to go...

It's March so we are officially out of here in two weeks. Oops. Two weeks? We have soooo much to do! Has anyone seen Emery? I know he's around here somewhere.....

February has come and gone. I love February. I guess it's because it's my Birthday month, and it's the shortest month so that makes it unique. Alot happened in February. Emery turned 10 months old. The next day he took two steps, that hasn't happened since, but I know he can do it. He outgrew all of his 9 month clothes and the majority of his 12 month clothes. He learned how to say kitty, and cat. He also learned how to wave bye-bye, sign "more" (but he doesn't always use it), drink from a straw, climb (and he climbs quickly and well!), and make the Indian noise (I'll post a video later).

Valentine's Day was wonderful! Owen made Duck ala L'orange for the main course, and for dessert, flambeed strawberries and cherries over melted cheesecake. Yum!

I had a great Birthday. I got to sleep in, and I had a luxuriously long shower, and I soaked my feet in some amazing mineral salts. I took a long nap. It was a good day!
Owen made me a triple layer fudge cake with buttercream icing with chocolate ganache glaze.

We went out to dinner at Red Robin with friends. I was embarrassed royally when they made me where balloons around my head while they serenaded me.

So, yeah, if all this happened in the shortest month of the year, what will happen in the next two weeks?!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Owen tried to surprise me today...

...but he's really bad about hiding things from me. Meaning...he can't. His face turns red and he can't quit smiling. It's nearly impossible for him to surprise me.

A few days ago we went into Portland to do some grocery shopping at New Seasons, and we stopped in at a bike shop we'd never seen before. We were browsing really, not looking to buy because well, bikes are expensive. Then I saw it. The bike of my dreams (well not *really*, but pretty darn close). It was a vintage Schwinn, (today Owen said it wasn't) cruiser style bike with three speeds, fenders, a back rack, and a light that came on when you pedaled. It needed a paint job, but it was the right size, and EXPENSIVE. We walked away and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

Today Owen came home and said, "Hey babe," (face turning red)"remember that bike you saw the other day? Well, it has internal gears, and it needed a paint job pretty bad. (Huge grin, face turning redder, nervous laughter)"

"Really?" I said. "How do you know that?"

(No eye contact, biggest grin ever) "I just know. Besides, there was this other one that didn't have a price tag. Remember that one? Well, it's out in the car!"






It's red and shiny! It's a Schwinn! It's a cruiser! (and it's a tiny bit too big for me) But, Owen paid like HALF of what the other bike cost, and it looks sooooo much better, and it's a 5 speed, and now we can ride bikes together!

I just need to add a light and an rack and a basket and a bell, attach a baby seat/trailer and we'll be good to go. :)

Happy Valentine's Day/Birthday to me! :)

"I love you like the Ocean through the eyes of the Moon"

This is the lovely Raina Rose. She prides herself on being a folk Goddess. :)

She makes my heart happy, and I love this song. I hope this video stirs emotion in you like it did me. Enjoy!

Check out her website, buy her CDs!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Spider Monkey

This Is Emery's Spider Monkey. It was a Christmas Present from Great Grandma Gowen.

Attached to his ear was a tag explaining that Spider Monkey's are endangered and this particular one is named Telinho (We call him Telly). Being the mom that I am I immediately wanted to learn more about Spider Monkeys, so I googled them. This is the first thing that came up. Emery loves it! He doesn't really dig cartoons or videos or TV even, but He loves this video. Enjoy!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine's Day the G(diaper)reen way

So next weekend, Valentine's Day to be exact, Emery and I have a date.

We will two of the newest gDiaper unofficial spokespeople. The Everything Green Oregon Expo will be hosting a gDiaper booth. Emery and I will volunteering at this booth.

I'm now a gMum.

I figured that since we've used gDiapers from Day 1, (seriously, that was the first type of diaper that Emery wore, see the picture?) it's about time I started giving back a bit. Admittedly we aren't exclusive gDiaper users, but that's all the more reason to shout to the world the greatness of them!

Since we EC we use mostly an EC belt and a prefold. When we go out however, the majority of the time we are using a newborn prefold stuffed inside a gDiaper 'little g' pants. This works really well for us.

On our recent trip we used gDiapers the way they were intended to be used about 90% of the time (and a combo of cloth and a cornbased disposable the rest). I loved it! There was no guilt about throwing away the used ones. Thanks to the fact thatat they are a Cradle to Cradle certified company, I knew that they wouldn't be hanging around in a landfill for the next 500 years.

Enough about diapers, just come see us on Valentine's Day okay?! It's free!

It's the stuff like this that I'll miss when we move to Spring. I guess I'll just have to plug in there huh?

(This one is cloth filled......)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So, I've been terrible about updating lately.....

So this update will be a long one.....sorry.

Our trip was lovely, but not long enough.

It was also challenging. It was difficult to keep up with EC while on the go so much. We resorted to using eco friendly disposables for most of the trip. G-diapers were so useful! Then, while in Houston we found some diapers made out of corn! We still have some of those ledt over and are using them at night time. AP style parenting was the same, maybe even more convenient.

I bet you're just dying to know how the second leg of the journey went huh?
We flew into Tulsa and were met by Nana. Emery slept all the way to West Siloam/Watts/Flint Ridge. We stopped and he met aunt Amy while she was working. We arrived at Nana's just in time for the extended family to start arriving. There was a houseful! We had food and paseed babies around. Barrick (one of the nephews) showed up (from Texas) and had his own little belated Christmas. Finally everyone filtered out and we settled in for the night. The next morning we rushed around trying to get breakfast and have all the little ones ready for pictures. Mass confusion followed with musical carseats (not as fun as musical chairs), and shuffling around of who is riding with who. We all met up at Wal-Mart and orceeded to cram all 10 (yes ten!) of the grandkids into a portrait. (Poor camera man) The rest of the day was a bit more relaxing. Tasha and I tried for hours to get the photo printer to work, only to realize that ...hmmmm. the USB wasn't connected. Sheesh. What a genius am I?!

Sunday night Owen, Emery and I headed over to Fayetteville to spend some time with the Lingelbach's. Owen and I were there when Zoe was born, and then we moved she's a walking, talking, little sweetie!
It was great to get to spend some time with my best friend! We opted to stay the night which was awesome! :) The next day we went out to breakfast at the Rolling Pin cafe. I had hoped to get some chocolate gravy.....but I was out of luck. After breakfast we headed over to Ozark Natural Foods and made our rounds saying hello to old co-workers and showing off our handsome little dude.
Then, it started to rain, and then it started to freeze. We headed back to Dawn's in hopes of seeing a few more old friends. The weather had other plans so we went back over to my mom's house earlier than expected and started checking on our flight's back home.
The next day we left my mom's hours before we should have just in order to make it in time to catch our flight which was still scheduled to leave.
We arrived safely at the airport, and then the waiting began.
First the flight before ours was cancelled, then our flight was delayed, then, finally we were sitting on the TARMAC waiting for a break in the weather to get us airborn. We waited, and we waited, and we waited.
Then we were taxiig down the runway. Then we were airborn.
We arrived in Houston with 15 minutes before our connecting flight was leaving.
We ran. With Emery strapped to me in the Ergo. I ran.
We made it, and Emery stayed awake for the entire 5 hour flight!!!!! We touched down in Portland. Grabbed our bags, and were in our car headed home by 12:30 am our time.

It was so nice to be sleeping in our own bed.
It's so nice to be back in Gresham, but I still wish we had had more time.

Owen really liked the Culinary school.
We're beginning the transition process right now.
We're looking for an affordable storage unit. Most of our earthly possessions will be placed there. Everything else is coming with us to Spring, TX. Once Owen finishes school and we are confident enough to make the move across country again, we'll be coming back to the Great Northwest. Next time around we'll more than likely be closer to Portland, and closer to Birthingway. Maybe we'll even buy a house. Maybe. :)

I would post some pictures, but I can't seem to find the camera cord. Grrrr.

It's almost my birthday. Usually I have so many ideas of what I want, but his year, I'm void. I can't really think of anything I want, well within reason. I mean who wouldn't want a new Electra Amsterdam bicycle (that's way too expensive and just something else for us to move), or a cabinet table just perfect for sewing on. My needs are met as well, so what do I ask for?

More time with my family? Who can give that to me?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Here you go Moms - a different kind of survey for a change - it's all about you and your first baby.

Were you married at the time? yes

How old were you? 26

How did you find out you were pregnant? I had taken several tests and they all came back negative. When Owen and I arrived in Oregon (after driving for four days with me starving, exhausted, and moody the whole way!) I found a test while I was unpacking the bathroom stuff. I figured I would take it just out of curiosity, the lines showed up instantly!

What was your reaction when you found out you were pregnant? Disbelief because I had already taken so many tests.

Who did you tell first? Owen. I said, "Honey, you should come look at this!" He said, "MAybe you should take another one."

Did you want to find out the sex? Owen did, I didn't.

Due date? March 27th

Did you deliver early or late? LATE....Nearly three weeks late. April 15th to be exact.

Did you have morning sickness? I think I threw up once, but mostly I just had really bad headaches.

What did you crave? Chocolate, Bubble Teas, and rice pasta with butter.

How many pounds did you gain throughout the pregnancy? I think about 40

Did you lose all the weight? yes, and then 10 more, thanks to breastfeeding, unfortunately I'm having a hard time maintaining my weight!

Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? Nope, smooth sailing.

Who drove you to the hospital?No one, Emery was born in our bedroom.

How long were you in labor? 10 hours, one of those was pushing.

Did you take any medicine for pain? Nope. I did it all natural.

How much did your child weigh? 8lbs. 14 oz.

What did you name him/her? Emery Aiden

Was he/she named after anyone/anything special? Owen's Great great Grandfather was named Emory , and we both happen to like the band Emery so it just made sense to us.

How old is your firstborn today? 9 months, 15 days :)

Does your firstborn have any siblings? nope

If not, how many siblings do you want your firstborn to have? 2 or 3, we'll see

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Houston, Texas

We are in Houston. Well, Spring to be exact.
Emery's first flight was pretty uneventful. He fell asleep nursing on take off and slept for three of the four hours. He was wide awake for the landing, and went straight to Grandma at baggage claim, he didn't hesitate a bit! :)
My little man is such a trooper! He's very adaptable, and laid back, and such a joy!
We surprised the Great Grandma's. Grandad and Gramndma told the Great Grandma's that they had some errands to run, and in all actuality they were coming to pick us up from the airport. It was so much fun seeing their faces as we walked in with a wiggly, smiley, sleepy, little boy. He was quick to find the stairs and start climbing away. He has also become ffriends with the girly-looking little male pomerainian named Cowboy.
Today we went and had some pictures made of the handsome little guy. (Thanks Joyce!) If you want to see them, you can go to . Click on "Your online image gallery" at the bottom of the page. Look for "Emery Y", and enter the password "Smile", and your email address. They're worth a peek!
Tomorrow, Owen and I are going to the Culinary School for the open house and Emery will stay home with the Grandparents. If Owen likes it, we may be moving here soon. The way things are for us right now, it makes sense to move to Spring. We need to catch our breath. We've been treading water for quite a while, and we're getting tired. It's time to sit on the bank for a bit, maybe find a boat....
Saturday we are going to Oklahoma. Emery will get to meet my side of the family!
I get to see all my friends! I'm soooooo excitied. As soon as I can, I'll post some pictures!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The verdict is in...

I finally received my letter from Birthingway. I'm on the waiting list. I don't know how long the waiting list is. School starts the last week of March so two weeks after that if one of the accepted applicants decides they really aren't ready for school and withdraw, them I'll have a shot.
In the meantime, Owen has started researching Culinary schools and is looking into doing that. He's found one in Houston that he likes. We're going to visit it while we are there next week.
We are both sooooo looking forward to visiting our familes and introducing our little man!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm watching the mailbox!!!!!!!

According to Birthingway's website.... "The selection decision is made no later than the first Thursday in January. Once the Admissions Committee has reached a decision, notification letters are sent immediately. " I'll keep you all posted!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fun with the Zollner's....

I met Melissa when I attended a La Leche League meeting here in Gresham.
She has two adorable little girls, Karis and Maddy. Melissa is the La Leche League leader. She does a wonderful job, and I feel like we're in the midst of a great friendship.
She brought Karis over the other day. This is a good thing. :) Karis looooves Emery!

She ALWAYS gives him big wet sloppy kisses, of course, these are the best kind!

Emery doesn't ever know what to think at first, but before too long.....
...he's just as enamored with her.

He also loves to watch Karis toddle around. I think he's seceretly trying to figure out her technique.

Here they are sharing Karis' babies. They took turns kissing (well, slobbering and chewing) on them.
Karis is a sweetheart!

We went to the Zollner's for a family friendly New Year's Eve party. Maddy had just got a kitchen for Christmas, and Emery loved it! I think we may have a future chef on our hands. He already wants to be just like Daddy!

Maddy was being quite the tattoo artist. Here she is doing her handiwork on Owen's neck.

The finished product was an upside down squid/octopus thing. Owen loved it!

It's always so much fun being around these lovely folks. I just wanted to share a bit of their magic with you guys!