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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Houston, Texas

We are in Houston. Well, Spring to be exact.
Emery's first flight was pretty uneventful. He fell asleep nursing on take off and slept for three of the four hours. He was wide awake for the landing, and went straight to Grandma at baggage claim, he didn't hesitate a bit! :)
My little man is such a trooper! He's very adaptable, and laid back, and such a joy!
We surprised the Great Grandma's. Grandad and Gramndma told the Great Grandma's that they had some errands to run, and in all actuality they were coming to pick us up from the airport. It was so much fun seeing their faces as we walked in with a wiggly, smiley, sleepy, little boy. He was quick to find the stairs and start climbing away. He has also become ffriends with the girly-looking little male pomerainian named Cowboy.
Today we went and had some pictures made of the handsome little guy. (Thanks Joyce!) If you want to see them, you can go to . Click on "Your online image gallery" at the bottom of the page. Look for "Emery Y", and enter the password "Smile", and your email address. They're worth a peek!
Tomorrow, Owen and I are going to the Culinary School for the open house and Emery will stay home with the Grandparents. If Owen likes it, we may be moving here soon. The way things are for us right now, it makes sense to move to Spring. We need to catch our breath. We've been treading water for quite a while, and we're getting tired. It's time to sit on the bank for a bit, maybe find a boat....
Saturday we are going to Oklahoma. Emery will get to meet my side of the family!
I get to see all my friends! I'm soooooo excitied. As soon as I can, I'll post some pictures!


  1. He slept for THREE hours????!!!! WHOA! And thank you Jesus for little miracles... so glad it was a great trip for you, what a relief!