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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fun with the Zollner's....

I met Melissa when I attended a La Leche League meeting here in Gresham.
She has two adorable little girls, Karis and Maddy. Melissa is the La Leche League leader. She does a wonderful job, and I feel like we're in the midst of a great friendship.
She brought Karis over the other day. This is a good thing. :) Karis looooves Emery!

She ALWAYS gives him big wet sloppy kisses, of course, these are the best kind!

Emery doesn't ever know what to think at first, but before too long.....
...he's just as enamored with her.

He also loves to watch Karis toddle around. I think he's seceretly trying to figure out her technique.

Here they are sharing Karis' babies. They took turns kissing (well, slobbering and chewing) on them.
Karis is a sweetheart!

We went to the Zollner's for a family friendly New Year's Eve party. Maddy had just got a kitchen for Christmas, and Emery loved it! I think we may have a future chef on our hands. He already wants to be just like Daddy!

Maddy was being quite the tattoo artist. Here she is doing her handiwork on Owen's neck.

The finished product was an upside down squid/octopus thing. Owen loved it!

It's always so much fun being around these lovely folks. I just wanted to share a bit of their magic with you guys!

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