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Sunday, June 13, 2010

I have reached the conclusion that if I want to maintain this blog, I will need to update via phone. So sad. My posts will be short and to the point from here

Monday, January 25, 2010

A post of pictures from the past few months......Enjoy!

This was taken on the car ride back from Arkansas.

He likes to stand up and stick his head out of the sunroof.

This is the driveway between Aunt Christi's and Nana's.

Emery and Zoe when we went to see the lights on the square.

Emery and Dawn.

Zoe and Emery shared marshmallows, in bed.

Christmas Morning.

Helping Daddy put together daddy's gift.

Emery with his cousins Breonna and Joshua.

Nana and Emery

Emery playing with his train.

His Christmas Eve present from Aunt Gina.

The Rennaissance Faire.

Decorating the tree.

Decorating the Gingerbread house.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I think He's hiding the red hair somewhere.

I can't believe that its been so long since I've posted anything! Christmas and january for that matter have come and gone Before you know it, it will be Emery's second birthday1 I'll try to post again before that happens.

Emery update? He went to the doctor a few weeks ago and she decided that he needed allergy medicine. So he gets a dose of that everyday. Along with his vitamins. which he would take three times a day if we would let him.
He is so smart. He can go to the cabinet and get out the ones that are his, and the ones that are mine, and the ones that Owen takes. Nobody has told him either. He just knows.

He is such an amazingly strong-willed, courageous, fearless, little spitfire. I swear his tow-headedness is just a guise, secretly it is really red. :) For example: lately he has been waking up at 4:00 every morning screaming at the top of his lungs for milk. I'm trying so very hard to night wean him to no avail. Owen said he's like a junkie going through withdrawals. If I didn't work so much I think things would be a little bit different. I need my sleep to work. It seems that sleep is really hard for me. I have a really awful time going to sleep and then if I don't get my full 8-10 hours, I'm a terrible awful no good, horrible mommy and wife. (I'm literally unbearable)Emery NEEDS his milk to make it through the night apparently. Last night I implemented the 4:30 am snack. Popcorn. It didn't help. he was awake until 5:30. and ready to start his day at 8.
Sigh. I digress.
When he eats, be sure that your are super alert, or you'll end up wearing his food. He tends to throw it when he's full, and just for good measure, occasionally his utensil will follow. This is honestly a daily ritual. We can't seem to get him to stop.
This morning I gave him a bowl of dry Life cereal. No problem. Once he started getting low, I added Cheerios. Emery then shouted, " Mo-om, spoon." I gave him a spoon, to which he replied. "mulk, mulk, mulk, mulk..." incessantly until I poured some milk into the bowl. Apparently all cereal, unless cheerios, must be eaten dry. Otherwise once the cheerios have been completely removed from the bowl, the remaining mushiness (Life cereal) and the entire bowl that contains it is to be thrown at Mommy.
Then he had the audacity to ask for eggs. I figured that he hadn't eaten enough cereal so I scrambled an egg for him. He was doing a wonderful job of scooping small pieces onto his spoon and putting the morsels into his mouth so I began to clean up the cereal mess. I look up and see Emery dumping the whole bowl of eggs over the side of his high chair tray, and then as if to make sure it wouldn't float back up magically, he drops the bowl on top, and throws his spoon into the floor.
Needless to say, he helped me clean that mess up, and had a time out.

Two days agao Owen and I took emery to a nearby school playground. He has been to this playground on a couple of occasions with Owen and Grandad. As soon as Owen got him out of the car and put him down, Emery took of running across the parking lot. He tripped over an uneven spot and began to stumble. I watched in slow motion as my baby landed on all fours, then his hands slid out from underneath him and he wacked his chin on the pavement. He jumped up. asked me to wipe his hands off ( he doesn't like them to be dirty) and trotted away with out shedding a tear. (I think it hurt me way more thatn him!) He had some skin missing from his little knees, ankles, and hands, but didn't seem to notice. Soon he was climbing the U-shaped ladder up to the top level of the equipment trying to slide down the slide by himself -head first.

I think it's gonna be a bumpy ride folks!

My next post, I'll try to post pictures from the last few months, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Arkansas trip. Blah, blah, blah.