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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 1

‎30 Days of Thanks, a challenge to myself. Can I be thankful everyday? I need to be.

1. A Person: Owen. He is my rock. Without him I wouldnt be the woman I am today. Thanks for loving me through all my rages and quiet times. Thanks for helping me be a better mom everyday. I love you. Where would I be without you?

A sneak peek at the rest of the month.....

1. a person
2. an animal
3. a cozy place in your home
4. a favorite snack
5. a place
6. a pair of shoes
7. a scent
8. a restaurant
9. a blog
10. a time of day
11. a tradition
12. a gadget
13. something old
14. something new
15. a recipe
16. an experience
17. a store
18. a saying/quote/scripture
19. a favorite piece of clothing
20. a keepsake
21. a disappointment or fear
22. a book
23. a feeling
24. a photograph
25. a luxury
26. a charity
27. a song
28. a gift
29. something in your home
30. the thing you’re most thankful for

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thoughts on denominations

“Happy are people who make peace, because they will be called God’s children. (Matthew 5:9 CEB)

Why is it that some denominations pit themselves against others?

Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ, Episcopalean, etc. We all love God. He loves us.

Why can't we just be Followers of Him Love one another.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ronan Edward Is here!

He arrived February 11, 2012 after an hour and 55 minutes of labor.

I posted his birth story on Facebook. There are lots of pictures there too!

I'm trying to avoid some of the same feeding issues I had with Emery so I am about to head to the store with both boys. I must be losing my mind. ;)