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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 1

‎30 Days of Thanks, a challenge to myself. Can I be thankful everyday? I need to be.

1. A Person: Owen. He is my rock. Without him I wouldnt be the woman I am today. Thanks for loving me through all my rages and quiet times. Thanks for helping me be a better mom everyday. I love you. Where would I be without you?

A sneak peek at the rest of the month.....

1. a person
2. an animal
3. a cozy place in your home
4. a favorite snack
5. a place
6. a pair of shoes
7. a scent
8. a restaurant
9. a blog
10. a time of day
11. a tradition
12. a gadget
13. something old
14. something new
15. a recipe
16. an experience
17. a store
18. a saying/quote/scripture
19. a favorite piece of clothing
20. a keepsake
21. a disappointment or fear
22. a book
23. a feeling
24. a photograph
25. a luxury
26. a charity
27. a song
28. a gift
29. something in your home
30. the thing you’re most thankful for

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