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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Still here, somewhere.........

I can't beleive it's been solong since I've updated! We've had some issues here. Great Grandma Gowen ahd to have a toe amputated sue to some Diabetes complications, and Grandma (Judy, Owen's mom) had a stroke. Computer time hasn't been a high priority. All is well, and almost completely back to normal now. :)

In case you haven't noticed, I sort of gave up on my daily/monthly graces. I'm still greatful for each and every day though!

You want an Emery update? Of course you do!
Let's see.......

He runs, he climbs, he jabbers (in both baby, er, toddler gibberish, and sign language). He loves to read books. He'll bring them to you, turn around with his back to you and step backwards until he is either up against your legs, or in your lap. Then he'll turn the pages for you. Any book will do, it seems like the thicker and heavier the better. (I found him sitting in the kitchen this afternoon flipping through an upside down Southern Living cookbook of Grandma's. I guess he's following in Daddy's footsteps already!
He has new obsession with keys. He loves keys (made up his own sign for key as a matter of fact!)and knows that they are used to open doors, and start cars. Speaking of cars.....he knows that cars go vroom, and he'll tell you about it, just ask him what a car says. One of his other favorite things is to go driving. It doesn't matter if he's riding in his car seat while you actually drive somewhere, or if you actually go and physically sit in the parked car, in the driveway and let him twist and turn the steering wheel. It's all the same to him. He'll look at you with those gorgeous baby blues and say, "Drive? Zzzooooom!" while he is signing car (both fists held as if they are on a steering wheel). Love it!

We are considering putting him in a Mother's Day Out program at the church. It's two days a week, and would give him some much needed interaction with other little one's and give me few hours to be "Erin", and not "Mama!" Funding for this idea has yet to surface though. Anyone want to donate?!

Okay, though I have much more to say, I hear a little boy waking , so I gotta go......
More to come, Stay tuned!

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