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Thursday, September 17, 2009

My heart has a skinned knee

I got a new job. That will pay me m re and I'll be working the same hours, if not more, and it's a lot closer to the house, like blocks away. It's working in the healthy living department of a grocery store. I'm familiar with this stuff cause I did it for two years at Ozark Natural Foods. I'm excited! Bring on the healthy stuff!

Emery turned 17 months old on the 15th. Technically speaking I don't think he's considered a toddler until he's 18 months old. PSHAW! Have you seen my son? Have you had a conversation with him? He's a genius, and so very advanced for his age. He's been doing very toddler like things.

First, he went to the park today with Grandma. She said he went down the really big tall twisty slide all by himself. He rode on the merry-go-round and climbed the rock wall. She said she was really impressed with all the things he could do. She said it was like he had grown up a bit since last time at the park.

Then, the other day he put a roll-on bottle of pain-relieving capsacin in his mouth.......without the cap. I called poison control and they told me to give him yogurt and milk. His lips and mouth turned bright red and they swelled. He only cried for a few seconds and then he was fine. I felt so awful! I literally had just taken a mascara tube from him (that he had taken the lid off and was trying to put it in his mouth) seconds before.

Finally, he also fell and scraped his knee. It was one of the scrapes that break the skin, but only slightly. Just enough for the blood to peek through but not really go anywhere. It's like the top layer of skin gets removed. It hurts. I remember. It hurts even more when it's your baby, and they've never experienced anything like that before. He didn't cry. He whimpered and whined and grabbed his leg and said "Knee! Knee!" over and over again. I kissed it.
Owen says he's tough. I think so too. I guess I need to get tough too. He truly is "a piece of my heart walking around in the world."

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  1. Yay for your new job!! I hope it's going well!!