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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Graces: Days 5-8

I'm cheating here a bit. This was a really busy weekend. So busy in fact that I didn't answer my phone so I have calls to return! So, with that being said I will list some graces (not 20 like I should, but a few)

1) Spending time with the family (this includes the Great Grandma's!)
2) Watching Emery as he figured out how to spin in circles
3)Watching Emery as he figured out how to open the safety gate that keeps him in the kitchen and out of the formal living room. He was so proud of himself! It was hard to be upset with him.
4)Watching Emery as he delighted in running around playing in the fountain with the big kids
5)Having S'mores that were made on the grill
6)Emery touching myhair and saying "pretty"
7)Finding a Doctor that would see Emery even though we don't have insurnce and aren't vaccinating...yet
8)Listening as Emery and Daddy play together...his laughs are heavenly!

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