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Monday, June 1, 2009

Graces 9-14

I've been pretty busy lately. Emery is in the midst of potty-training, cutting molars, learning to sleep in his own bed, and is in the beginnings of night-weaning. I'm not trying to make this lump grace posting a habit, I promise. Bear with me!

Day 9
1. Weeding the garden and noticing that we have carrots coming up
2. Also noticing that we have a ton of basil,
3. and some squash blossoms
4. the splash pool in the front yard with Emery
5. the splash pool with Emery for the second time in one day
Day 10
1. Story time at the library
2. Emery going pee on the potty at story time at the library
3. Finding a book about a nursing toddler named Michelle at the library
4. Knowing that I am instilling a love for reading and books in my son
5. Picking up some books for Owen so he could do a project at school. (he's working so hard and loving every minute of it!)
Day 11
Just one for today, but it's really all five:
1. Being Emery's mommy! He' s so full of life!
Day 12
1. Alone time with Emery, even if it was just to the grocery store
2. Weeding the garden with the hubs, and noticing that we have to different kinds of chard.
3. Splash pool in the front yard, in my non-mom bathing suit with Emery
4. Realizing that I have started a ritual of walking around the block after dinner, with my family
5. Emery falling asleep without nursing, just cuddles and stories.
Day 13
1. A solo trip with Emery to Splashtown
2. Sliding down numerous water slides with my fearless little boy on my lap
3. Taking a bath with Emerya nd hearing him laugh long, loud and hard when the water cup wouldn't stay on my head.
5. Scheduling an interview for employment at at bead shop, a job is a job!
Day 14
1. Mom-in-law's delicious oatmeal for breakfast
2. Moving Emery's co-sleeper upstairs and him actually napping in it
3. Grilled meatloaf for dinner, Yup. Meatloaf, cooked on the grill.
4. Having time to updat e the blog because
5. Emery is asleep in his co-sleeper, upstairs. Alone!


  1. You are such a cool person !!!

  2. Thanks Jasmine! I'm just trying to be the best wife and mommy I can be. It's not easy. I love your new Brokins site...the name is cool too, I know it's just your names combined, but you know we are all human, and Broken, and being Mommies makes that so much more evident. Well, for me at least!