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Friday, May 1, 2009

Catch up!

I promise I'm trying to be abetter blogger...

To catch you up:
Emery is one now. He walks. He climbs. He dances, He "sings". He signs. He says words. He poops on the potty and most of the time he pees on the potty. He eats solid food like a teenage boy. Owen says he's getting his driver's license next week.

Owen starts school on Monday. He'll be gone from 7am to 5pm every day. He looks retty spiffy in his chef get up:black and white checked pants. Black non-skid shoes. White chef's coat. White chefs hat. Apron, and either a red or yellow neckercheif (they are like belts in karate and he doesn't know which color he's supposed to wear yet).

I mailed off my application to have my Arkansas massage licensed reinstated yesterday. Once that happens, I'll be switching it over to Texas. I also had a job offer for a anny position. The boy is !5months old and they live about 15 minutes from here. Three days a week, six hours a day.
Also a position in a bead store. Nothing fancy, but maybe I could learn how tomake soem sweet jewelery. Between two part time jobs, maybe We could save some cash ans when we move back to Oregon possible have some moolah for a down payment on a casa. Awwwww. BIG DREAMS!

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  1. Well. Norah was trying to take my glasses off my face, and I told her several times "No. Not for your hands, etc" I pushed her hand away and moved her back from my face. But she kept doing it. So I said "Norah, if you try to take my glasses one more time you will sit in time out". She obviously had no idea what that meant, because she had never heard it again, so she tried to get my glasses again. So I said "Ok, you have to sit in time out now". I picked her up and put her on the other end of the couch, and said "You are going to sit in time out for one minute". She cried and moved around, but I kept my hand near her to keep her in her spot. She kept crying, and then when the minute was up I picked her up and told her I loved her and talked about why she was in time out. Then she squirmed away and played. She was totally fine, and did not try to get my glasses again. I'd say it was a success! I just made sure not to give her attention when she was in time out, except to keep her in her spot. But I didn't talk to her or look her in the eyes for the minute.
    You can do it Erin! Emery will be sad, but it will be ok. :)