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Sunday, April 5, 2009

I've been a terrible blogger lately.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me?

Things here in Houston, are well, busy.
I assumed that once we got here life would slow down a bit. You've heard the saying that it takes a village to raise a child? Well, we've got our village, and they are helping raise our child, but things haven't slowed down at all! How does that work?

Since we've been here, we've planted a garden, cleaned out a room, unpacked way to much stuff, been to the zoo, been to the Children's Festival, visited a home that Owen's mom grew up in, and had pictures taken. I have some pictures to post, but our camera cord is MIA.

Emery's birthday is next week, 10 days from now, exactly.
I'm making him a cupcake "cake" and aranging them like an alligator. We're going to go to the park and play. That's all nothing fancy. :)
Signing has exploded for Emery! He's mastered "more", "Mommy", "Daddy", "drink" and "eat", and almost "flower". He can say cat, Kitty, dog, Mama, Daddy, Sweetie, and Hi. He loves to say hi!
He officially became a walker yesterday. He's been sort of 'walking' for a while but for some reason yesterday it just sort of clicked and he toddles around like nobody's business. He's also realized that temper tantrums are way cool. (I don't agree!) I guess they aren't full fledged tantrums, but they may eventually turn into them if we don't figure out how to communicate better with him. Any suggestions? :)


  1. Oh yes, I have a little mini-tantrumer too. Karis got really expressive around a year old, old enough to have some awareness of her needs and wants, but frustrated because she can't tell me what she needs, doesn't like my boundaries or is being mercilessly pestered by her well-intentioned but persistent bigger sister. This also happened to Maddy (except without the bigger sister) and the mini fits stopped when she got a better grasp of language and could tell me what she needed. But she has never been super emotional anyway. Give Empathy. Lots of empathy and verbalizing what you think he wants, needs and feels. You are in this way modeling what he will begin to tell you when he is old enough to communicate his feelings. Nurse him and snuggle him and let him feel what he needs to feel (until you've had enough and then Owen can take over, LOL!) I miss you. How many days until you come home? A couple hundred?

  2. I think the tantrums are just part of the learning to communicate process. At least that's the only conclusion I've been able to come to. I try my hardest to let her know I understand that she is upset, and if I know what she is wanting (which I think has finally gotten to the point of more often than not) and it's something she can't have or do at that moment I explain to her in the most basic terms I can why she can't do it. Then I try to disctract her with something else. If that fails I just have to ignore her till she is done. She is one strong willed little girl. I have no clue where she gets that from? ;)
    Unfortunately I have to tell you I think it gets worse the closer they are to really communicating. I mean think about how frustrated you'd get if you wanted something and you weren't able to someone. But, now that Zoe and I are starting to better understand one another it is getting better. I'm not saying she doesn't have her days, but at least now I know why she's throwing a fit, and it's not a mystery.
    Hope it gets better.
    I miss you tons. Happy birthday to Emery next week.