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Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine's Day the G(diaper)reen way

So next weekend, Valentine's Day to be exact, Emery and I have a date.

We will two of the newest gDiaper unofficial spokespeople. The Everything Green Oregon Expo will be hosting a gDiaper booth. Emery and I will volunteering at this booth.

I'm now a gMum.

I figured that since we've used gDiapers from Day 1, (seriously, that was the first type of diaper that Emery wore, see the picture?) it's about time I started giving back a bit. Admittedly we aren't exclusive gDiaper users, but that's all the more reason to shout to the world the greatness of them!

Since we EC we use mostly an EC belt and a prefold. When we go out however, the majority of the time we are using a newborn prefold stuffed inside a gDiaper 'little g' pants. This works really well for us.

On our recent trip we used gDiapers the way they were intended to be used about 90% of the time (and a combo of cloth and a cornbased disposable the rest). I loved it! There was no guilt about throwing away the used ones. Thanks to the fact thatat they are a Cradle to Cradle certified company, I knew that they wouldn't be hanging around in a landfill for the next 500 years.

Enough about diapers, just come see us on Valentine's Day okay?! It's free!

It's the stuff like this that I'll miss when we move to Spring. I guess I'll just have to plug in there huh?

(This one is cloth filled......)

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