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Friday, November 28, 2008


Cheesy Thanksgiving smile!

Watching Lord of the Rings with Daddy.

Daddy kisses.

Playing in the carseat box.

Having a good time at Karis' birthday party!

Yay for balloons!!!

"Helping" with laundry.

Standing all alone.

Nakey butt nap time.

I uploaded pictures from the camera today, and these were some of my favorites.

November is almost gone. Man it's gone by fast too! It seems like time just starts going by faster and faster each day.

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the first ime this year. I won't divulge too much information because Owen should be the one to blog about it. He did all of the cooking, and man it was delicious! Emery loves turkey!

It's been a pretty busy month. Emery learned to crawl, pull up, and climb. We went to a birthday party, and got Emery a new carseat. Owen got laid off, so he's been home the past couple of weeks. It's been nice having him around, but we both are really looking forward to him finding a job ASAP!
Wanna know what I'm thankful for? My family (both near and far), my friends, my church. We have a place to call home, food in our fridge, and clothes on our backs. What more could we ask for really? :)


  1. Sweet! I just love that little cute thing.

  2. Karis will be jealous to see someone else kissing on her boyfriend. I'll have to explain to her that Daddy's get special privileges, too!