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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Here is the obligatory Halloween picture. I made my costume sans pattern so it took forever! It was made with nursing in mind. The top portion lifted up for access to a tank top that I turned into a nursing tank. The skirt portion was sewn to the tank top. It sounds a lot easier than it was. Phew. It was fun, but I'm glad it's over.

Here we have Daddy and Emery. Notice Emery's foot in the second picture, it's in his candy bucket. Shortly after, he dropped the bucket breaking the bottom. His shoes kept falling off as well so we finally just put a pair of socks on him. :) He had a good time. A couple people thought he was a girl though, they called him "Pocohontas". I don't think he looks like a girl at all...does he?!

How was your Halloween?


  1. You are so fabulously artsy craftsy! I am in awe of your sewing, will you teach me? Emery is just adorable, as always!

  2. He doesn't look a thing like a girl! Zoe thinks he's super handsome. Although she's already seemed to take a liking to older men.

  3. AHHHHHHH! The Houstons.... they just declared us their "new people" we also no the Rues... we LOVE both families. See. Why'd you move? Hmm.. why? Because if you hadn't moved you'd be apart of my happy little circle of adored friends.
    I miss seeing your face.