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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Our beautiful, toothy, smiley boy BEFORE he decided to chew on a CD case. Our beautiful, gummy, not so smiley, boy AFTER chewing on a CD case.
We feel absolutely horrible. Emery doesn't really seem phased by it at all. He cried for a bit, and bled, but then he was fine. The dentist said that he will just not have a tooth until his adult teeth come in (when he's like 7 or 8). Apparently he's never seen anything like this. It seems as if he just sort of torqued it out of his gums (see how it looks split?).
Well, our first emergency was bound to happen, I just wish he was a bit older. :( He's still nursing just fine (thank goodness!), I was hoping he would.

Can I have a hug please?


  1. *hug*
    OMG! How is the world... !!!
    I hope it works out. At least it'll make a good story when he is 16?!

  2. So I gues I forgot to mention that He was sitting in my lap when this happened. I've been beating myself up feeling like a pretty awful mommy. The interesting thng is that the night before he was playing with the CD case and NOT putting it in his mouth, so when he started playing with it again I didn't think anything of it. Word to the wise folks out there, keep all plastic CD cases out of reach of babies. Apparently they can pop out their own teeth with them!

  3. Ooh, poor Emery. I am glad he is going to be okay.