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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Here is Mr. E all decked out in his hat and scarf that I made. They came in handy when we went on a outing recently.

We went to get a Christmas tree the other day. We had planned on "shopping around" for the best deal. Owen really wanted to drive up the mountain and go cut down our own tree, but I felt that Emery wasn't quite big enough, so we went to the Oxbow Rim Christmas Tree Farm. Once there we knew we didn't want to leave with out a tree. So much for shopping around huh?!

They give you the option of cutting your own (they provide the saw) or picking one from their "lot" that had been precut . This is Owen looking rather manly with the saw on his shoulder

Here is a picture of Emery and I amongst some of the trees. They were all really pretty, and most of them around 7 feet or taller.

We opted to pick one off the lot since the majority of the trees were fairly large, and it we didn't feel like strapping it to the top of the car. It fit in the front seat.

Once we got home, the boys built me a fire. (Owen doesn't like this picture, please ignore the underwear)

The obligatory standing by the tree shot.

The lights were put on...

and I started to decorate.

Of course, Emery had to help.

The finished product.

It's the perfect size!

It's official, Christmas is here!

Now, for all of you who haven't started Christmas shopping, or are looking for a way to save some money, or do something a little bit different this year, check out this information about Advent Conspiracy. Owen and I sort of participated last year, and are doing what we can this year as well. After you check that out, if you are wanting to do something a bit more meaningful than the usual Christmas hooplah check out ways for you to rethink Christmas. Our church created the second website. :)

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  1. That looks so fun! Cheyne and I are into the Advent Conspiracy as well! I love your blog Erin, your family is so sweet!