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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Croup

Yuck. Mommy does not like it!

Four days ago (Monday, the day after the snow came and canclled church) Emery woke up with a hoarse throat. I figured he just slept with his mouth open like I do and that was all. That night he was sooooo congested. Owen and I used the tag team method to administer saline drops and a rubber bulb syringe to try to offer the babe some relief. Nothing worked. He struggled all night to breathe. Tuesday he was more hoarse, and more congested. For the life of me I couldn't get any of that dang old mucus to come out of his nose. I figured he was having some post nasal drip issues. (sorry son, you look like Daddy but you ended up with mommy's post nasal drip issues, I hope you don't get my eyesight, impatience, stubborness or wisdom teeth either!) I called his pediatrician who couldn't see him right away, so I made an appointment (and we paid out of pocket!) with a Naturopathic Doctor who squeezed us in that afternoon. She was terrific! She told Emery exactly what she was doing before she did it, and was so helpful and reassuring. We left with herbs and homeopathics and a few tricks to try.

That night we took two long steamy showers with our little guy to try and help him breathe better. We burned some essential oil of thyme in a duiffuser. I couldn't sleep because I thought he was going to stop breathing in the night.
All of this led to much more nursing on Emery's part. That's basically all he's done since he got sick. No solid foods for him.

Yesterday Emery had a dentist appointment to follow up on the knocked out front tooth, and his pediatrician could fit him in (she's paid for by the state) so after grocery shopping we headed that way. Dr. Toledo heard Emery breathing for about 30 seconds and she said. "Poor baby, you've got Croup!" After a thorough examination (which he had already received the day before from Dr. Zeiman) we were told to keep him comfortable, offer him some steam, go for a walk outside in the cold air and all should be well. Also, Dr. Toledo suggested a dose of steroids, which would relax the trachea making breathing easier for Emery. They didn't have the oral, so our poor little guy got his first shot, ever. I cried, Emery cried, and then he breathed better. Last night he slept so well. I rested, finally.

Today he is breathing better, he's not as hoarse, and he's actually smiling a bit. He's still not 100% better, but he's definitely on his way back.

Why didn't anyone tell us how hard it is when little one's are sick?! You want so badly to make them feel better, but there isn't anything that you can do.

Now, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Sorry they're so tiny, they were taken with the cell phone. Enjoy!



  2. Poor Emery! Poor Mama and daddy! Praying for you! Happy christmas!