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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Placenta fun!

I may be the only person reading my own blog, that considers this a "fun" conversation. Perhaps it has something to do with educationg others, perhaps it has something to do with being a Birth Junkie, or maybe it just so happens to be so near and dear tomy heart, who knows......
I mentioned casually on facebook that I didn't necessarily conider my self a Hardcore Home Birther, but that I did do some of the things listed.....
This is the response I got.
I love how it took a turn and let me reveal a bit more about myself, my plans, and gave me the opportunity to share my passion. 
Thanks everyone who shared their comments and insight, its much appreciated!
I guess I could be considered an HHB by my more "mainstream" friends. :) I just consider myself a Birth Junkie...... :)
Melody  OH MY GOSH!

  • Melody  Sorry but that is FREAKING nasty! There is no reason to do that! COWS do that! We are not cows!

  • Erin Young I'm just curious Melody  what is shocking to you about this? I'd love your input! :) I had my son at home, and I'm having thew one I'm growing in belly at home too!

  • Melody  That is fine to have your baby at home. But to eat your placenta is NASTY

  • Erin Young Cows do what? Eat their placents or give birth at home? Im not eating my placenta but I'm encapsulting it
    It is an unusual way to fight postpartum depression, but a pillmade from placent...a is being touted as the natural way of fightingthe baby blues.See More

  • Erin Young Tons of benefits! check out the link!

  • Melody GROSS GROSS GROSS! I don't even want to see mine.

  • Erin Young What?! Why? Your body made it and nourished your baby for nine months! It's an organ created just for pregnancy, and then it gets tossed out with the trash. We buried our sons in the garden.

  • Erin Young To each his or her own...... I love educating people aboutit ! Iguess that canbe added to the hardcore homebirther list... :)

  • Nancy So placenta is being used to make an anti depressant? for postpartum depression am I right?

  • Jessica lol ok i wouldnt want to eat mine either, but i did want to see it, not that i got too... i plan on doing things completely different with my next delivery, im not brave enough for a home delivery but i want to attempt to go drug free... what does capsulating the placenta do?
  • Jasmine
    There is no medical evidence of placenta encapsulation being effective for individuals with postpartum depression or psychosis. At best the evidence has been anecdotal and placebo. Moreover the article called steaming and encapsulating your... placenta "a natural process", which it is not. The sensitive neuro-proteins that are touted to ward off depression would be, at best, depleted if not destroyed in the streaming/drying process...

  • Jessica  is that what it is erin? ^^^

  • Jasmine  does have more experience with PPD than myself, and she is correct in the fact that process used could deplete the good stuff found in the placenta, however, it all depends on the tempertaure and lenghth of time its exp...osed to that temperature.
    I want to do it more for healing benefits ie:) increased milk production, quicker lochia dispersement, hormonal balance, energy.....
    This link talks about it more from an Oriental medicine/Eastern stance. Which is much more what I'm after.
    Placenta as Medicine - medicinal benefits of placentophagy

  • Erin Young This has turned into a really interesting chat, I Think I'm going to post this on my blog...... :) Keep it coming ladies, and Jasmine--- I LOVE your insight! Thanks!
  • Jessica hmmmm this is very informative! even if i didnt use these techniques i love learning about it
  • Erin Young I like sharing the knowledge!
  • Jasmine  Biologically you can't get passed that fact that any process OUTSIDE of eating it raw destroys the "medicinal" benefits of placenta encapsulation. Heat up oxytocin outside of the body and it breaks down. Moreover lower animals, according to biological studies, eat their placenta for reasons that nourished higher mammals don't need to...

  • Erin Young Good point. So, why has ancient chinese medicine been doing it this way for so long? Jana  do you have any insight into this?
Jasmine  Ancient Chinese Medicine has been doing lots of things for a long time that are debunked. Poverty, Religion, Tradition, Social/Cultural normalization amongst other things keep it going doesn't mean it is valuable for what it claims to treat...
So readers, what do you think?!

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