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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Project Totus

I haven't posted in a while. I can't really apologize because, well. I've been busy.

Doing what you ask?


You know, the important stuff. Due to the simple fact that I've been busy, I just thought I'd pop in and give my readers an update. However, this isn't going to be a normal update, that'll come later. This post will be full lovely little links that will carry you to another place entirely.  This travelling elsewhere will be worth your while because it all leads to an update on me, and where I stand with the way things are right now. Please click on the links, and enjoy what you see. :)

First and foremost, I have this amazing lady for  a friend. 
Her name is Jasmine and she co-owns (, a blog with her friend Sadie. They are both busy mamas that find the time to be real and authentic about themselves, their relationships, and their mommy-ness through this deliciously delightfully fun to read blog called The Brokins.

Jasmine is in the midst of a wonderful life changing event right now that she is calling:  Project Totus. I've been following her every step of the way and let me just tell you, she is as very inspiring lady. So inspiring in fact, that I wanted in  on a little piece of this "Project Totus" for myself. So, I'm taking a HUGE leap of faith and hoping that I land somewhere near where I need to be in order to start on this Project Totus path of my own.

Granted, Mine will be a bit different because well, Jasmine and I are different people.  What she needs, and what I need are the same, a community of supporters and cheerleaders, our end results will be similar because we are both reaching for a "whole-ness" we're just going about it in different ways.
Those of you who know me, know what I want to do with my life.  You know what I live and breathe. But, I haven't ever really started down a path that will ultimately get me to the end result of MIDWIFE.
That's a bout to change my friends.
Here is a link to my own personal Project Totus starting line. Please take the time to read it, and share it.
Jasmine's Endorsement Blog post.
She'll be adding a few more tidbits to my story in the coming weeks, so please, come back often, and share it with anybody you'd think would be interested.

I love you all for believing in me.
Do you believe in Dreams, in Callings, in Destiny?
If you do, click on the link, and then pass it along.

Thanks for reading!

-Erin. Owen, Emery, and the Gestating One.....

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