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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A post of pictures...that somehow are out of order.

I found the USB cord, so here are some pictures. Emery has figured out the 'army crawl' (he pulls himself forward using his arms) so he's keeping us on our toes. Have I mentioned that we really need to get on that baby-proofing?!
Here is our little man in the hat that I crocheted for him.

He's enjoying his very first asparagus spear.

Chasing it all down with some water.

A sneak peek of his costume, I think the shirt is backwards and he doesn't have on his feathers or his shoes.

We caught him going after my crochet bag....


He really wanted these socks off....

Finally, success!

Emery in a box.

A happily pottied baby!

Karis, Emery's new friend.

All five of his teeth!


  1. I can't believe all those teeth! He's getting so big! Love you Emery! Dawn

  2. oh yay, there is my own little sweetpea! they are so cute. and he is so chubbalicious!